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Total Quality Systems

ThreePL Quality Systems Inc. – Company History

ThreePL Quality Systems Inc. was founded in 1999. Companies were increasing their investment in technology. Rapid communication systems were beginning to be developed to quickly transfer business commerce to and from customer and supplier companies. Electronic data interchange (EDI) and Internet linkages (World Wide Web – FTP) were technology methods deployed to satisfy the market demands required, accelerating the finished goods time to market. Reduction in inventories, lower distribution and transportation costs and improved service levels (Purchase order lead times and purchase order fill rates) were the business expectations. When supply chain processes accelerate, higher returns on investment are achieved and shareholders satisfactions are met.

The supply chain extends beyond a distributor company’s physical boundaries to include all the trading partners who collaboratively perform distribution services, from the manufacturing of materials, to the handling of the finished goods and the delivery to warehouses and customers. ThreePL Quality Systems Inc.’s technological system (3PLQS) processes information flow and monetary transactions via network connectivity within all participating trading partners.

Companies were looking for methods to report events that can disrupt their supply chain and distribution channels early on in the process. 3PLQS’ network connectivity handles the diversity of information within the supply chain flow; orders and delivery status updates, demand signals, forecasts, inventory management, supply chain management and increased transaction analysis, inclusive of administering to any supply chain disruptions and communicating the resulting corrective action. In this new environment, information technology and network connectivity creates the 3PLQS Supply Chain Management and foster Total Quality Systems.

ThreePL Quality Systems Inc. has the know-how to implement new technology and utilize it. The logistics ‘smart products’ have become the foundation of our success.

TQS is a trade mark.



Dealer Inquiries:
Phone: 905-829-4448
Email: support@tqslogistics.com
Fax: 905-829-0816

Dispatch Department:
Phone: 905-829-4448
Email: dispatch@tqslogistics.com
Fax: 905-829-2541

General Inquires:
Phone: 1.888.556.4515
Email: info@tqslogistics.com


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