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Ethics & Integrity | Visibility & Accountability | Customer Loyalty


Ethics & Integrity

We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We are responsible to our customers and our employees. In all that we do, we embrace high standards of honesty and ethical behavior, while treating our customers and employees with respect and fairness.

Visibility & Accountability

At TQS Logistics we strive for visibility and accountability through our Key Performance Indicators. Our established logistics practices and procedures are documented in order to achieve measurable results and foster Common Approach to Continuous Improvements.

Customer Loyalty

We listen to the needs of our customers and work together to create logistics solutions with technologies that benefit the whole supply chain. By providing the highest quality of logistics services and technology products, we will earn the respect and loyalty of our customers.


Our Vision is to be a leader in providing Logistics Solutions and Software Systems as the foundation for our third-party Logistics and Technologies companies.

We will further add value for our clients through our strategic alliances with our supply chain service providers and our transportation partners. Our customer relationship network is technology based, providing a seamless process, linking suppliers and service providers to our customers. The technology connection to the logistics process is web-based and in real time, improving performance and collaboration, ultimately reducing redundancies within Business to Business relationships. In achieving these goals our business initiatives streamline supply chain distribution channels and reduce the cost of doing business for all participating partners.

Our logistics and software solutions are customized to each client’s needs. Our technology initiatives provide a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform which allows seamless collaboration between all points along the logistics pipeline, and enables global opportunities



Dealer Inquiries:
Phone: 905-829-4448
Email: support@tqslogistics.com
Fax: 905-829-0816

Dispatch Department:
Phone: 905-829-4448
Email: dispatch@tqslogistics.com
Fax: 905-829-2541

General Inquires:
Phone: 1.888.556.4515
Email: info@tqslogistics.com


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