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ThreePL Quality Systems has recently partnered with Rosenau Transport  to help service our clients’ freight needs. What makes this different from past carrier relationships is that we are now able to utilize Rosenau’s warehousing in the western regions of Canada. These locations are Brandon, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, and Calgary (along with additional terminal locations for cross-docking purposes). The goal of ThreePL is to bring on additional consolidation & warehousing accounts by leveraging this additional service footprint. We found great alignment with the companies due to our shared entrepreneurial philosophies & are excited to move forward.

TQS alliance networkTQS alliance network

This alliance marks the beginning of our contract logistics business model, which aims to provide faster transactions to our variety of services. This model will be fully realized with the release of ThreePL’s latest development project, Logix, which allows for more detailed (and upfront) billing from logistic providers. Logix is expected to release in Q3 2017. More info to come.

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