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TQS works with clients across different industries to provide profitable growth in new and and existing markets.

We’ve helped companies improve revenue predictions by implementing supply chain management systems, regardless of the size and complexity of the organization. TQS has experience building on supply chain strategies such as just-in-time, and lean operations and inventory. Doing this has helped businesses overcome lingering obstacles which held them back from reaching their goals.

We collaborate with clients to implement innovative solutions that align across departments, and enhance the performance of the supply chain workforce. We are the culmination of business strategy and technology strategy, which help us to shape and drive performance.

An undervalued aspect of an effective Demand Control process is the collaboration that is created between the sales organization, the Demand Planning function, and the Supply Planning function. One aim of the Demand Control process is to say “yes” to demand, if at all practical. This is a change in behavior for the Supply Planning function, which might not be accustomed to identifying ways to say “yes” to demand rather than automatically rejecting unplanned orders because they were not included in the demand plan in the first place.

Sales & Marketing

Do you fully understand your demand, seasonality, and sales growth? If not, you’re cutting into your profit margins.

Procurement & Operations

Are you paying for your inbound freight? Do you know what the perfect order is? We’ll help you learn why this is important.

Technology & Visibility

Do your customers complain about lead time? Or are they constantly calling for tracking information? Let us take care of these challenges.

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