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TQS Technologies Inc.


We run supply chains leaner.

Advance your Supply Chain.

TQS Tech is a company founded out of 3PL best practices team to provide services & products to benefit all logistical departments. We run supply chains leaner, without waste, and greener. An efficient firm that’s highly dedicated to clients.

The TQS Technologies collection of software applications was developed with the purpose of giving the users an intuitive and comprehensive experience. Catering to the logistics and supply chain management industry, our suite of software applications offer many unique opportunities to further enhance your profits.

By using our logistics software applications, you may achieve:

  • Higher profits through actively managing purchase orders and directly influencing customer satisfaction
  • Improved productivity by using leading-edge technology that offers 24/7 real-time performance reports, visibility and accountability
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy through integration of third party accounting and forecasting software
  • Enhanced operational processes by relieving bottlenecks and customizing software solutions


Phone: +1.888.556.4515
Phone: +1.888.556.4515
Mail: info@tqstech.com


Cross Docking Suite

Real-time Web Portal

TQS Fusion

Organize Your Warehouse

TQS iRoute

Bring visibility to your Assets.





Dealer Inquiries:
Phone: 905-829-4448
Email: support@tqslogistics.com
Fax: 905-829-0816

Dispatch Department:
Phone: 905-829-4448
Email: dispatch@tqslogistics.com
Fax: 905-829-2541

General Inquires:
Phone: 1.888.556.4515
Email: info@tqslogistics.com


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