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TQS Technologies Inc.


We run supply chains leaner.

Cross Dock Suite

When you start a business partnership, you need a constant flow of communication between all parties. vServe is the platform where your business’s supply chain collaborates.

Vendors, dealers, and corporate users all have unique perspectives and needs. Our logistics experts update the tracking system as they work and are accessible through this portal. Our logistics experts don’t merely set up your shipments; they also manage them. This ensures that deliveries arrive on time and don’t get lost or damaged. Don’t waste your time tracking orders and following up with carriers.

Not all carriers provide real-time visibility, but with predictive analytics our team can improve the information it provides to customers on delivery and pickup statuses. vServe allows customers to improve their supply chain with these forecasts to provide a competitive advantage.

TQS™ Fusion – Warehouse Management Software

Complete logistic software cloud-based solution from 3PLQS/TQS Technologies helps users manage and improve their warehouse environment

TQSTM Fusion software delivers the perfect online/mobile interface for warehouse administration and supply chain management. With this comprehensive software application, users can receive, tag, pick, pack and ship the products with ease and efficiency.

Adapting to the unique business requirements, TQSTM Fusion (WMS) helps streamline the order fulfillment and product replenishment needs into a single process, within a single online and mobile system.

TQS™ iRoute

Mobile Pickup & Delivery Tracker | Route Planning GPS Vehicle Tracking | Fleet Management Solution

TQS Technologies Inc. offers complete tracking solutions for your business challenges in Pickup & Delivery Solution, Route Planning, Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management.

TQS™ iRoute is user-friendly and cost effective application, offering mobile and online tracking and management tools for your pickup and delivery, route planning, GPS vehicle tracking, fleet management, active maps, real time tracking, customizable reports, alerts, exceptions, email messaging, and many other features.



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Cross Docking Suite

Real-time Web Portal

TQS Fusion

Organize Your Warehouse

TQS iRoute

Bring visibility to your Assets.




Dealer Inquiries:
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General Inquires:
Phone: 1.888.556.4515
Email: info@tqslogistics.com


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