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We keep your supply chain online, while you expand your bottom line.

Growing Capabilities for 18 years

TQS Logistics is an industry leading provider of logistics services, software and process development.


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About TQS Logistics

  • Company History
  • Company Values

In 1999 TQS Logistics was founded with an idea to improve the way customers distributed their products by offering a helping hand to their suppliers.

From the outset, our goal was simply to improve the customer experience. But in addition to improving the customer experience, we were also able to provide the added benefits of reduced freight costs and improved visibility to all our customers’ shipments.

As we’ve grown with our customers, we’ve developed a knowledgeable logistics team and cultivated a network of partners in order to support our clients’ needs as well as offer prospective clients various sales and distribution solutions. Combining our 20 years expertise in logistics process/software development with our own and our participating partners assets/infrastructure, we have opened a pathway for clients new to the Canadian market to run successful campaigns and establish a presence here. Even strong existing Canadian companies can benefit from our unique approach to logistics operations, enabling them to utilize the various tools and programs created by TQS to execute supply chain processes.

Instead of communicating with multiple logistics players you deal with TQS.

As we adapt our business model to today’s market, our goal is always to assist with streamlining business operations. When it comes to moving product around the world, TQS incorporates the concepts outlined by the practice of Lean Six Sigma and of course, one of the pillars of our company, Total Quality Management.

Client Commitment
As a third-party provider, TQS is typically an out-sourced team providing skilled logistics services. In order to achieve success, we position our company’s best practices and staffing delegation as if we are an extension of our clients’ company.

Best practice business processes, paired with our proprietary software, enable TQS to operate effectively with a smaller team. The end result is minimal waste without sacrificing quality and performance.

By operating under defined and agreed to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with our clients and also implementing these practices with our employees TQS achieves heightened accountability and accelerated methods of issue resolution.

For corporations to succeed in bettering their competition, they must rely on innovation. TQS thrives on innovation. Our goal is not only to rely on this internally but to provide innovation to our clients’ operation.

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