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The cross-docking service enables companies to streamline their order fulfillment, product replenishment, and distribution needs into a continuous quality delivery process.

Many companies operate on the direct ship model but,

Did you know Cross-Docking can be key to cost savings?

Regardless of the routing method, at TQS all inbound product is scanned to verify the shipment but to also update our dealer tracking portal

Typically, in Canada’s metropolitan markets our Cross-Docking process has helped us reduce the total freight spend for our clients’ aftermarket program by an average of more than 25%.

The supply chain is split into three levels: Product, Data, and Currency. If any of these are neglected, your business will suffer. As your company gets more and more orders they have to all be handled with the same level of care and urgency, but are they actually?
By gaining a comprehensive understanding of your business, TQS determines the modules that best suit your company’s workflow and integrates them seamlessly with systems and trading partners to achieve the optimum results – an efficient, profit-oriented distribution channel.
Enterprise host system integration at multiple touch-points in the order cycle, Multi-Carrier compliance for routing, tariffs, labels, EDI and documentation, Hardware installation and support, Network installation and administration, On-site Customer training to all relevant departments.

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More importantly, a key high value routing service that we provide to our clients is maximum optimization of freight usage by consolidation of shipment in and out of our dock. Consolidation, combined with Customer Service are the most important values we provide to any distribution program, as it saves a significant amount of freight costs.

Other benefits include:

  • Warehouse costs are lowered when inventory does not have to be stored for long periods leaving dealers with simple inventories.
  • Circulation expenses are dramatically minimized when there is no longer a need for warehousing. The daily market average cost for storing a single 40”x48” pallet is $14, which translates to $2,555 for 6 months of storage per pallet.

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