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The best solution for your logistics needs.


We save you both time and money on your companies freight!

We save your Time and Money on

your companies freight!

TQS has a vast network of carriers developed through our 18 years of experience and access to multiple load boards and offer multi-mode shipments.

Our goal is to provide the safest and most cost-effective movement of freight.


Other benefits include:

Our goal is to provide the safest and most cost-effective movement of freight through these tactics:

  • Volume discounts (consolidated with other TQS clients)
  • Backhaul mileage
  • Dynamic freight routing (done by our traffic controllers)
  • GPS enabled equipment
  • Preference to high volume carriers

What is Order Management?

Informational efficiency has a huge effect on the performance supply chain. When TQS manages the order in addition to the freight movements, lead-times have been dramatically reduced.


Our reps are constantly correcting such issues as: missing information on documents, incorrect shipping method, blanket PO #s, among others.

Also, in 2010 we enabled shipping documents to be accessed from the cloud, allowing our customers to gain efficiencies in the movement of products over the border.

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